Loli-Goth Darth Vader- Original Ink Drawing


While drawing this Goth Lolita as Darth Vader, I started with the accessories. The lightsaber hilt on the parasol was the leading prop, and it developed from there. It didn’t quite have that staunch gravity that Vader exhibits. Not until I filled in her boots with that stark black did I find her foundation to crush star systems from.

Note: The size is approximate to within .25″ inches.

You are purchasing an original piece of art. Reproductions for sale or distribution are not licensed with this sale.  One single personal archival backup is permitted.

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Product Description

Pen and ink illustration featuring a Star Wars Darth Vader inspired goth lolita costume.

Additional Information


13.5″ inches x 17.5″ inches.


Micron pens with india ink.


Not framed.


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