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Tel: +1 773-888-3022
Skype: nealtse
Location: Chicago, USA

Hello Friend,

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out my portfolio. If you’re wondering about me, my name is Neal Johnson. I sign off my artwork as Neal Tse as it’s a nod to my Chinese heritage. My full name is actually Neal Tse-Wai Johnson. My grandmother gave me that middle name, in Chinese it means “Noble Ambition.” I’m the only Neal Tse on the internet, I can’t say as much for Neal Johnson.

Chicago is my current home where I live with my amazing wife and kids, but I grew up in Hong Kong and I was “that drawing kid.” I’ve grown up on a steady visual diet of comic books, video games, picture books, and museums. Drawing, painting and visual art is in my veins. I bring broad perspectives to my art, and I’m always hunting for the hidden story behind images. Without the story, the image is dull and without context.

You’re invited to come explore my work further. You can view my main illustration portfolio. if you haven’t already. For larger, multi-piece projects and storyboard art, check out the Projects section. I publish most of my studies, live figure drawings, and other behind-the-scenes work to my Tumblr, my Sketches will take you there.

Let me know how I can help you.

Neal Tse